If you’re reading this our website has launched! I can’t help but think how thankful I am to my Grandfather, Paul, for allowing myself and my mother Roxy and sister Jessica to continue in his footsteps with InQ. It has been a very exciting process and he has been there teaching and mentoring us throughout. It has allowed us all to collaborate on developing the new Inquiry Mode Questionnaire & Administration and Interpretation Manual. This is presently available in print only – see our Shop. We also have several older items on clearance. They are only available as long as they last, so get what you need quickly! Our website currently allows you to order and pay via credit card for our products. We also accept checks but no longer have a PayPal account. We are working toward completing our website project by developing the online questionnaire, which will be available for both individuals and teams or groups. This is a very important step for us since it will save you shipping costs and allow us to have a smaller environmental footprint. We are continuing to brainstorm other projects that we can put on our website and will keep you all informed.

This Blog is a first for us so any suggestions and/or questions you have please forward to us. We anticipate that we could have some lively interactions on how the InQ has helped in your organizations/businesses and personal interactions. Let us know!

  • It’s always been great working with Paul. The InQ has always been a part of our training and has been given to most of the executives working in the utility industry in north america.

    Glad it’s continuing within the family

  • Thanks John! I am very proud of my father and very grateful that he’s trusting us with his company. He is doing well in retirement, but still keeps an eye on the InQ!

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