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The Management Team is presently focused on the reorganization of the company.  This includes redesigning the paper version of the InQ and redesigning and building the new website.  One of our future goals is to have single and group testing online which will help decrease our environmental footprint.  We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to presenting the new, updated website.

Paul R. Mico, DPA

In Memory of Dr. Paul R. Mico

In Memory of Dr. Paul R. Mico
10/12/1924 – 01/13/2019

We are sad to inform you that my father and Shyra and Jessica’s grandfather passed away peacefully at home on January 13, 2019. We admired him and will miss him greatly. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was a tireless worker. He passed InQ on to us and it has been a wonderful experience learning about the thinking styles and running this business. We greatly appreciate the many clients of InQ who played an important part of his last “project.” We have also included a brief picture of some of what he accomplished on our blog.

In 1974 Paul began providing consultation and community planning as the President of Third Party Associates, Inc.  Later in 2006, he began serving as President of InQ Educational Materials, Inc. and Styles of Thinking where he provided training materials for management training programs.  Paul and his wife, Helen S. Ross authored Health Education and Behavioral Sciences and Theory and Practice in Health Education (both translated to the Chinese language).  He also wrote Developing Your Community-Based Organization and, with James M. Kouzes, developed the Domain Theory to explain organizational behavior in human service organizations.  This was published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.  He has published 40 titles in the public health field.

Paul served as the President of the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) in 1989.  He received his Doctor of Public Administration at age 91.  In his dissertation, Revisiting Domain Theory: Case Studies from San Francisco, he reviewed the validity of the original Domain Theory by carrying out new case studies of major non-profits in San Francisco.

Paul’s early career began after he was drafted in World War II, and spent a few years serving in the campaigns of Europe: Normandy, Northern France, the Battle of the Bulge, and Rhineland.  Returning to Ohio, he married and under the GI bill worked on and completed his Bachelors of Arts and a master’s degree in health and physical education from Ohio State University. He worked in the public health service in Ohio and Wyoming promoting basic public and mental health.  While in Wyoming he was awarded a scholarship to UC Berkeley to get his Master of Public Health degree.

Paul served as the Field Director with the US Indian Health Service on the Navajo Reservation (Navajo Nation) modifying the delivery system of their services to Native Americans.  In Washington DC from 1962 – 1964 he was the Director for the Community Action Studies Project, with the National Commission on Community Health Services. He organized 22 communities to develop and demonstrate health planning methodologies.  This resulted in the passage of Public Law 89-749, The Community Health Planning Act.  He became the Director of Health and Social Planning, Action for Boston Community Development, and helped develop the Neighborhood Health Center, which became the model for Senator Ted Kennedy’s Neighborhood Health Center Act.

As President of Social Dynamics, Inc. he organized and delivered behavioral science training programs.  He developed and promoted community change programs, such as the Hawaiian Community Action Programs and the National Health Service Corps, recruiting health workers to set up and operate health centers in isolated rural communities.

Management Team

Roxy A. Mico, LCSW, DCSW

Management Team Leader

Roxy received her Bachelor in Anthropology from University of Hawaii at Hilo and her Masters in Social Work from University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She has worked as a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on forensic assessments and cognitive behavioral therapy.  She was contracted by the Hawaii State Department of Public Safety and the Judiciary to provide services for the past twenty years.  Most recently she is in a private behavioral health practice with a focus on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, client-centered advocacy, consultation, and evaluation and prevention of mental illness and emotional and/or behavioral disturbances.

Shyra E. Hallan

Secretary/Research Director

Shyra received her Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Criminal Justice from the University of Idaho in Moscow.  She worked with troubled teens with the Whitman County Juvenile Services.  She has been active with the Red Cross Association, been a volunteer firefighter in Hawaii and has actively participated in several other community organizations.  She serves as the Registered Agent for InQ Educational Materials, LLC in Washington State.

Jessica M Santa Cruz

Marketing Director

Jessica received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Colorado Mesa University and completed an internship as a Public Information Officer at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  Following her graduation from Colorado Mesa University she spent the next ten years working in four different National Parks (Volcano, Joshua Tree, Zion and Yosemite) as a wildland firefighter and also served as a Public Information Officer on several fires/disasters, including the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  She earned her Master’s in Communication and Leadership Studies through Gonzaga University and was given a fellowship to study intercultural communications in Cagli, Italy.    Jessica completed an ethnographic study of how students and instructors from a small western university interpret the meaning of online silence and how this concept affected their overall online academic experience. This was published as Cultural Concept: Is Silence Golden?